DJ-FX446 Transceiver


Type: License-free PMR446 transceiver
Frequency range: 446.00625-446.09375 MHz
Tuning steps/channels: 8
Mode: NFM
Memory channels/management:  
Repeater shift/offset: Simplex only
Power supply: 3.7 VDC (Li-Ion pack)
Current drain/power consumption: RX: ? mA
TX: ? mA
Antenna impedance/connector: 50 ohm / Fixed antenna
Dimensions (W*H*D): 50*157*19 mm (1.97*6.2*0.75"), including antenna
Weight: 90 gr (3.2 oz), with battery pack and antenna
Other features: CTCSS/PL and DCS. VOX. Dual watch. PC-programmable

You can view the full features in the PDF file.

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