THR880i Ex


With IP55 classification and compliant with the II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 certificate (ATEX Directive 94/9/CE), the THR880i Ex has the best protection against physical and environmental exposure, providing safe and reliable communication for the circumstances where intrinsically safe products are mandatory.


The new terminal is suitable to be used in explosion-prone areas and places where inflammable substances are being produced, processed, transported or stored: chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and natural gas production plants, as well as rigs and harbours.


The terminal is easy to use and has for example integrated GPS receiver, voice feedback, colour display, Java platform and IP packet data facility.


The accessories and programming tools of the THR880i and THR880i Light radio models, except for the battery, are compatible with the THR880i Ex model but the standard accessories may not be used in hazardous areas. The THR880i Ex has its own special battery model BLN-EX. In addition, specialist accessory manufacturers will provide accessories suitable for the THR880i Ex.


The THR880i Ex is available with a choice of 20 user interface languages and a variety of language specific key mats including Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Latin.