With the F77 you can benefit from 128 kbps high-speed data, voice and safety functions - globally. This flagship Inmarsat product for the maritime market provides an office at sea for deep-sea vessels.  


• Up-to-the minute weather reports
• Permanent access to the world
• wide web and corporate intranets
• Ship to ship communication
• Access to emergency services / telemedicine
• Integrated fleet management networks
• Electronic access to families and loved ones
• Video conferencing facilities
• Improved voice telephone access
• Instant-messaging and online purchasing
• E-learning and remote training
• Efficient port and on-shore communication



   The 128 kbps service delivered on the Nera F77 is the fastest communications service with global coverage available to ocean-going vessels. The Nera F77 allows the integration of a ship’s communications systems with the company’s network on land, giving onshore management access to logistics systems and parameters such as fuel status, maintenance schedules and cargo data. 




   The Nera F77 provides Global Maritime Distress functionality, automatically alerting rescue authorities anywhere in the world in the event of marine distress.




   As a testimony of 30 years of maritime heritage and global service network, several thousand Nera Fleet terminals are commissioned on vessels throughout the world, meeting the toughest of requirements to high-quality and failsafe communications at sea. The Nera F77 is the flagship maritime product delivering unrivalled global data, voice and fax service to merchant ships, the navy, large fishing boats and superyachts.




   With Nera F77, ships at sea will have at their command the communications tools associated with everyday business on land. That's because the Nera F77 terminal uses the world's first global maritime Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS). This gives a ship online access to a whole range of applications like the internet and e-mail. The beauty is that this service can be 'always on'. Because you only pay for the data transmitted, not for the time connected, you can choose to be permanently online.
With both MPDS and ISDN on board you have the best of all worlds; choice of applications, speed and transmission quality.


F77 Brochure F33