Nera F55 is an option for vessels requiring a smaller antenna, simple installation, and a reliable service. It provides near global voice and access to 64 kbps data service.

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• Internet and Email
• Voice
• Fax
• up to 64 kbps data



   The compact and light antenna unit and the low power consumption of the Nera F55 makes it extremely well suited to supply ships, coast guards, yachts and fishing boats. The Nera F55 gives vessel owners full flexibility to connect a broad range of communications equipment. The terminal supports up to seven handsets enabling internal on board calls on the ship and crew calling.


   With the I-4 extended coverage of the Inmarsat Fleet services from mid 2006, the Nera F55 delivers both low-cost voice, fax and high-quality data communications throughout the entire global beam area. The unique MPDS service enables vessels to stay online continuously for convenient access to the Internet, e-mail and file transfer applications.

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