Using Inmarsat's Fleet system, the Nera F33 is ideal for coastal vessels, motor and sail yachts and fishing boats. It provides stable voice and high quality data communications for smaller vessels.    


   Nera F33 introduces cost effective maritime communications. This state-of-the-art system provides you with telephone, fax, e-mail and Internet access - even when you are out of reach of conventional mobile phone or radio networks.    



   Nera F33 facilities are 'always on' which means that users can have permanent access to the Internet and company intranets and extranets wherever you are on the oceans. You can check business and personal e-mail, browse the web, join online discussion forums and send text messages.  



   Voice and fax and connection to PCs and laptops is just as straightforward as it is in a land-based office. Crew also have instant access to chart and weather information. It is a highly flexible system.

  The Nera F33 is notably easy to install and customers will find that they can easily do it themselves. The compact antenna unit will also fit into existing streamlined motor yacht domes.   




                    INEXPENSIVE TO OPERATE

   Nera F33 is also a highly cost-effective communications package to operate. That is because you only pay for data actually transmitted and received - even though the system is permanently connected online.

   This is called Mobile Packet Data Service and has the advantage of vastly reduced connection times speeding the process of downloading e-mails and other data files.  



   Below-deck equipment with the Nera F33 connects easily (plug and play) to telephone, PC and fax terminals. Configuration is fast and simple, using a PC man-to-machine interface.  

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