Eletech’s Lan-based embedded voice loggers are leading edge products that will certainly change the market’s perspective on digital voice loggers. Imagine how small a voice logger could be – just the size of a notebook? Or if telephone conversations could be monitored, recorded, and retrieved remotely via network or even the Internet?

  The answers are positive for VLan-100 (single line) and VLan-400 (4-line) embedded voice loggers. With unique software kernel and DSP-based voice compression technologies, VLan can be connected to a 10/100 base-T network and record analog voice in real time. Recorded voice files are stored on the system server, making it easy to manage and archive multiple VLan devices.

   VLAN’s networking capability and standard voice file format allow easy access to voice files over LAN, WAN, intranet and the Internet using any multimedia PC. With VLAN embedded solutions, system integration of a voice logger will be simple, flexible and fast.


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