eALog is an open platform digital voice logger built with cutting edge technologies. It is capable of passively tapping into digital or analog phone lines for real-time call recording and/or monitoring without any noticeable interruption in the service. Recordings are stored internally and can be retrieved locally or remotely via telephone or LAN.

eALog can be purchased as a turnkey system complete with application software, or with SDK (software development kit) for building your own system. 


  •   Open architecture with 8 ~ 256 channels per system 
  •   Flexible recording modes: automatic, selective, on demand
  •   Compression schemes supported: GSM, Microsoft GSM, WAV, ADPCM, G.729A
  •   Advanced streaming technology ensures playback quality over LAN 
  •   Real-time monitoring via LAN
  •   Versatile recording start methods: voltage change, network control, on/off hook,
      D-channel, desktop access
  •   Supports DAT, DVD-RAM, NAS (network access storage) as backup device
  •   Optional utilities provide quality control for call centers (eALog CQC) and SS7 signal
       monitoring for E1 trunk logging (eALog SS7Monitor)


  •   Banks, stock brokers, commodity brokers
  •   Call centers, radio dispatch centers
  •   Security alarm companies, emergency services
  •   Intelligence agencies, police stations, attorney offices
  •   Airport control towers, railroad stations, power plants 

  eALog SDK

eALog software development kit (SDK) supports VC++, VB, Delphi, and C++Build programming languages for implementing powerful functions on call recording, monitoring and administration tasks for call center applications. 

eALog_Digital_Voice_Loggers NGX Card
  DP Card
  LD Card
  DT Card
  IPX Card