XN120 is the latest version of NEC communications systems that have evolved since the 1970s. It incorporates the most important features that SME users over the years have taken for granted.  


   XN120 will connect to the public phone network whether it be traditional such as analogue or ISDN lines or leading edge such as IP. XN120's ‘future proofed' design ensures that it will also connect to any planned services. The flexibility of XN120 also means that you can connect any type of phone devices. Existing equipment such as modems, wireless DECT phones and answering machines can easily be plugged into this hybrid telephone system, making the most of your current investment and ensuring a seamless transition for customers and staff.



   XN120 solutions are scalable. Start small and expand your phone system when you want to. Unlike most competitive systems XN120 does not force you to throw away your existing main cabinets when you grow to 20-30 extensions. Just add another XN120 Cabinet and keep growing. Start as small as three exchange lines and eight extensions.

  With additional interface cards and cabinets you can grow to 27 exchange lines and 72 extensions. If you wish to add IP extensions then XN120 can support up to 96 extensions.



   XN120's eight port Integrated Digital Voicemail has upto 15 hours of message time, and a host of flexible options such as pressing one button to use Conversation Record to store conversations in your mailbox. 


   Using Microsoft TAPI you can easily connect your phone to your MS Outlook Contact Manager application allowing point and click dialling and be able to pop up your callers contact details before you answer the call.




• Account/Client/Project Codes - 2000
• Account Codes - Forced / Verified (1000)
• Automatic Operator
• Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
• Automatic Day/Night Service (8 Levels)
• Battery Backup
• Camp On/Callback
• Call cost logging
• Call Centre Features
• Call Forwarding - Busy/ Answer
• Call Forwarding - To external number
• Call Forwarding with Follow Me
• Call Forwarding from Doorphone
• Call Park - 64 Locations
• Call Queueing - Extension / Operator
• Conference (16 ccts standard)
• Conversation Record
• Computer Integration (CTI)
• DDI Step On
• DDI Call Routing
• DISA (16 channel voice response unit)
• Doorbell/Doorphone/Door Lock
• Dual Colour LED on Phones
• Email Fault Reporting
• Ethernet/LAN Port
• Hunt Groups
• Hybrid Extension Ports
• Intercom Call - Voice Activated answer
• IP Trunks & Extensions
• Manager Intrude (Barge In)
• Missed Call Indication
• Music on Hold (Int/Ext)
• Online Programming
• Paging - Internal/external
• Park and Page
• Personal Messaging
• Phone Lock (Access Code)
• Queue Messaging
• Redial
• Room Monitor
• S Bus/S0 (ISDN)
• Secretary Features
• Silent Monitor
• Telephone Directory -2000 names
• Trunk to Trunk Transfer
• Virtual/Phantom Extensions – 50
• Voice Mail - Integrated or third party

 CTI - Linking your phone system to your computer

VoIP - Using ADSL/DSL broadband or your computer/internet network to carry your long distance voice calls

IP Telephony - Converged voice and data networks are here today. Connect your phones directly to your computer network.

WLAN - Wi-Fi will present a more flexible alternative to simple DECT phones. Use your PDA or computer as your mobile phone linking both to your emails and your phone system


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