Aspire is an integrated all in one communication solution offering a full suite of integrated communication and messaging solutions including:

• Wireless DECT
• Voice Messaging
• Automated Attendant
• Enterprise networking
• Automatic Call Distribution
• Contact Centre
• Unified Messaging
• DHCP Server
• LINUX/Windows application server

   Tight integration with both voice and data resources provides both operational and cost benefits. Aspire open interfaces allow the connection of third party or existing peripheral communication equipment such as voice mail, call logging, video conferencing systems etc.  


   Aspire offers both IP and circuit switched technology and can be configured as a pure IP solution, a pure TDM solution or a combination of both.

   Full IP functionality brings to Aspire cost effective remote working using TCP/IP, overlaying whatever data transport mechanism your business prefers - leased line, frame relay, ISDN, ADSL or even the internet. 

   Aspire IP voice switches communicates on a peer-to-peer basis. This minimises bandwidth requirements and eliminates single points of failure.
   The fact that Aspire can function in and support a “hybrid” network with traditional digital/analog switching, IP/TDM/IP switching and pure peer-to-peer IP switching means that users can continue to utilize their existing equipment while they begin to phase in IP Telephony and lay the foundation for current and future networks. 


   Aspire uses a 173 MIPS RISC processor similar to those used in industrial machine tools and passenger jets. Aspire telephony applications are controlled by an industrial strength embedded, multi-threading operating system.  


   Using CTI techniques and TCP/IP networking Aspire can now provide levels of service not possible with the majority of todays consoles.

   For less demanding applications Aspire also supports more traditional operator solutions. The DSS Console can show the status of 100 extensions and when used with the any Aspire Multi-Button phone provides the ideal operator position. 


   All Aspire phones give you a high level of feature functionality and user benefits. Aspire offer six models of corded phone, еasily customisable with personalised soft buttons to suit the requirements of a range of users.   

   Install IP phones everywhere, if that is your requirement, or if you are on a tight budget but still want the best, then use analogue POTs phones with a display.

   Transitioning to IP is also simplified as all our 12/24 multi-button phones can take the optional IP adaptor turning any phone into an IP phone.  



• 12/24 Feature/DSS Button Versions with Red/Green LED
• Ten One Touch Speed Dial Buttons
• Adaptor Modules - IP, USB, Serial,Analogue line etc.
• Handsfree and Shared Listening
• Voice Announce and Intercom
• Multi-Lingual Displays
• CTI (TAPI 2.1) Integration
• Headset Connection
• Voice Control
• Integrated Wall bracket
• Tilting Display
• Directory Integration
• MyPhone Integration
• DSS/Add-on module
• Cream or Black colour options

   Available are two versions of Aspire DECT handsets: a standard version, and a more robust version for heavy duty usage such as by shop floor staff. 



AspireNet-  using the enhanced AspireNet networking architecture Aspire networks can                   
                   be deployed to suit the requirements of single sites with as few as eight
                  users, to multi-site users with 100s of individual sites.

Web Pro -   aims the end user who wants more control over his phone system, without                        
                 needing in depth knowledge of Aspire

MySystem - gives you the information on how well you Aspire and staff are meeting daily 
                  operational requirements.

Myphone -  integrates your phone and PC to make you more productive. 

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AspireIP Brochure  
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