Inmarsat operates the world's leading satellite network for mobile satellite communications services - covering maritime, land mobile, vehicle and aeronautical services.



   Inmarsat operates a constellation of geostationary satellites that extend mobile phone, fax and data communications to every part of the world, except the poles, offering an unrivalled coverage, reliability and versatility.
   End-users can dial into the international telephone network and send data over the Internet at any time, simply by connecting to an Inmarsat satellite. 



   Inmarsat-based services and solutions, including the mobile satellite terminals used to connect to its satellites, are sold by a network of hundreds of Inmarsat Partners in more than 80 countries around the world. Inmarsat is the wholesaler, the provider of the satellite airtime.
   Inmarsat came into being as an IGO in 1979 to provide global safety and other communications for the maritime community. It now supports links for phone, fax and data communications to more than 287,000 ship, vehicle, aircraft and other mobile users. 


   A cornerstone of Inmarsat's strategy is the new Inmarsat I-4 satellites, which are now entering service. They form the backbone of Inmarsat's pioneering Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) services, offering simultaneous phone and mobile data communications at up to 492kbps for internet access, mobile multimedia and many other advanced applications.





   Inmarsat's Fleet services provides both ocean-going and coastal vessels with comprehensive voice, fax, and data communications. 

Inmarsat BGAN Coverage Explorer 500
  Explorer 527
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