Eclipse Quattro is an ultra-high-capacity solution, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional trunk radio systems, packaged in an extremely compact, split-mount package. It is fully compatible with the Eclipse platform, and the ProVision Element Management System.



   Eclipse Quattro extends Super-PDH capacities introduced in our Eclipse platform to provide up to 256 E1 circuits or 336 DS1 circuits, SDH/SONET transmission up to 4x155 Mbps or 622 Mbps and Fast-Ethernet or Gigabit-Ethernet data transport.


   To get optimal use of scarce frequency resources, Eclipse Quattro also leverages the Cross-Polar Interference Cancellation (XPIC) feature, allowing the same frequency to be re-used on a link and doubling traffic volume using a single frequency pair.


   Select 64 QAM modulation for higher system gain and improved fading performance.


   Design ultra-high capacity wireless rings with automatic path switching and integrated traffic access.

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