MAXhaulTM is the professionals’ choice for high-performance, point-to-point (PtP) wireless backhaul solutions for WiMAX networks.

   MAXhaul consists of an integrated portfolio of PtP wireless products designed to drive your Ethernet data further, faster and more accurately, with exceptional reliability and highly scalable bandwidth.



   WiMAX operators will appreciate MAXhaul’s ability to scale all the way from a single, cost-effective base station connection, to complex aggregation nodes that combine traffic from multiple base stations, to a highly resilient, high-capacity Gigabit core solution.


   Operating in the licensed microwave frequency bands, MAXhaul eliminates service-affecting interference, to enable a backhaul network capable of delivering predictable link availability of up to 99.999% or more.
   MAXhaul is also available in a choice of frequency bands between 5 and 40 GHz, so that operators can address the needs of both the short-haul urban and long-haul rural service extensions in a single wireless solution.
   MAXhaul delivers full rated data throughput with guaranteed reliability for link distances as far as 50 miles, even in the most severe of environmental conditions.


 • Scalable bandwidth as backhaul needs increase, to 600 Mbps and above
 • Maximum throughput available all of the time
 • Predictable, highly reliable performance
 • Integrated wire-speed Ethernet switch
 • Self-healing ring and mesh network support via a Patent-Pending RWPR™
 • Fast Ethernet and Gigabit interfaces
 • Multi-channel radio operation using Link Aggregation
 • Equipment and path protection options
 • High service quality, thanks to ultra-low latency
 • Embedded Ethernet statistics monitoring via RMON


   To ensure constant vigilance of network quality and performance, MAXhaul includes the advanced network management capabilities of Stratex Networks’ ProVision.
   ProVision supports wireless backhaul networks around the world for some of the largest mobile wireless carriers, delivering an unequaled ability to monitor and control networks ranging in size from just a few network nodes to extensive national networks of several thousand links.



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