Eclipse™ is the latest generation in software-defined wireless backhaul products. It is available in optimized network node and cost-efficient terminal architecture configurations.   

   Eclipse was the first platform to support advanced nodal networking, with Super-PDH™ software-scalable capacity migration and incremental Liquid Bandwidth throughput control, enabling operators to expand their network with minimal cost and operational disruption. Eclipse is proven today in a wide variety of applications and environmental conditions worldwide.

   Eclipse high-speed wireless data transport solutions support frequency bands from 5 to 38 GHz, 10/100 Base-T and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and advanced quality of service (QoS) features—including prioritization, VLAN support and comprehensive RMON performance monitoring. 


   Eclipse offers a unique combination of breakthrough features to help you reduce costs on network acquisition and build out, maintenance, upgrades and expansion:

 • Advanced wireless network nodal solution
• Scalable Super-PDH capacity architecture
• Single platform for all PDH, SDH/SONET and data applications
• High-speed Liquid Bandwidth Ethernet transport
• Modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance
• Advanced software tools to enhance network control and intelligence

                                                                                   ADVANCED NODAL NETWORKING

   Eclipse delivers the most compact and flexible nodal solution available today. The indoor unit design supports multiple radio paths. The high-speed bus architecture enables traffic routing without external cabling. Key features include:

• Intelligent node unit (INU).
• Advanced data transport.
• Multiple ODU support.
• Hardware and path protection.
• Less equipment, higher reliability.




  Super-PDH provides scalable capacity up to 75xE1 or 100xT1, with selectable modulation. Capacity- and payload-independent hardware, combined with smooth, software-configurable capacity migration enables operators to pay only for the capacity they need today and adapt to changing conditions tomorrow. This flexibility simplifies network growth, saves on upgrade costs, minimizes service disruptions and eliminates the need to replace costly equipment. 


   The Eclipse platform includes a range of application-specific indoor units (IDUs) designed to optimize costs in PDH, Super-PDH, SDH/SONET and high-speed Ethernet networks.   


   The Eclipse platform provides a choice of outdoor units (ODUs) with these key features:

• 5 to 38 GHz frequency coverage, including all common (and many uncommon) ITU-R/CEPT channel arrangements
• Common Eclipse E300 ODU IF cable interface
• Capacity-independent, providing payload transparent operation
• Software-configurable power output, with up to 30 dB of manual attenuation control, automatic transmitter power control (ATPC) and direct power measurement included as standard
• Accurate receive signal level (RSL) indication up to ±2dB
• One common mechanical design
• Direct antenna mount for all frequencies to eliminate waveguide connection losses
• Complete field-replaceable unit to speed maintenance and repair


   The Eclipse modular Intelligent Node Unit supports advanced carrier-class Ethernet networking features through the use of optional data plug-in cards, enabling complex, multi-path data network nodes. Eclipse nodal data solution components and features include:

• Eclipse Nodal Data Solution.
• DAC GE Gigabit Ethernet card.
• Liquid Bandwidth incremental bandwidth assignment.
• Built-in Layer 2 switch and QoS.
• Flexible link configurations.
• Resilient high-speed data rings.
• Link aggregation. 

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