The Aprisa XE digital access radio is a compact, powerful solution engineered with up to 17 Mbps capacity for larger-scale, low and medium-capacity linking applications. Eight interface slots integrated within the radio platform are available for the customer-configurable interface cards. They are easily configured using the embedded 4RF SuperVisor™ network element management application in a Java™ enabled web browser.


•  Comprehensively engineered for complex network challenges
•  Spectrally efficient QAM and high-gain QPSK modulation
•  A full E1 (2 Mbps) bearer in just 500 kHz of spectrum
•  Capacities range from 32 kbps to 17 Mbps
•  Several channel sizes from 25 kHz to 3.5 MHz
•  Maximum data capacity of 17 Mbps in a 3.5 MHz channel at 64 QAM
•  Available for the licensed 330 – 400, 400 – 470, 698 – 806, 805 – 890,
   850 – 960, 1350 – 1550, 2000 – 2300, 2300 – 2700 MHz frequency bands
•  Integrated digital cross-connect
•  Customer-configurable interface options enable Ethernet, data and voice
   traffic on one link
•  Complies with international standards including ETSI
•  Modular design reduces the mean time to repair (MTTR)
•  Embedded Java™ enabled 4RF SuperVisor™ network element management
•  Intelligent protection with errorless RX switching


   Aprisa XE provides a wide range of interfaces to transport voice, data and Internet traffic. The radio features an integrated 4-port hub carrying 10/100BaseT Ethernet traffic. There are eight interface slots accepting multiple, customer-configurable interface cards supplying industry standard analog or digital connections.
•  QJET: Quad E/T1
•  DFXO: Dual 2-Wire FXO (PCM/ADPCM)
•  DFXS: Dual 2-Wire FXS (PCM/ADPCM)
•  Q4EM: Quad 4-Wire E&M (PCM/ADPCM)
•  QV24: Quad V.24
•  HSS: High-speed Synchronous Serial (V.35, X.21, EIA–530) 


   The Aprisa product family has been designed with enhanced features to provide robust, reliable, ‘carrier-class’ transmission performance for long and challenging paths. Reed Solomon forward error correction (FEC) delivers exceptional data integrity while the multi-tap equalizers optimize Aprisa’s multi-path performance. Advanced digital filters provide optimum protection against adjacent channel interference, allowing you to maximize frequency reuse.
   With frequency resources becoming limited and expensive we have maximized data throughput with support for 16, 32, 64 QAM and QPSK modulation.


   Aprisa XE is simple to install and commission using the embedded
4RF SuperVisor™ network element management software.

  SuperVisor is an easy-to-use, web-server configuration application with SNMP and runs on any Java™ enabled web browser. The Java based intuitive application requires no training and assists network operators reduce integration and ongoing support costs. 


The intelligent protection switch option supports MHSB and diversity configurations. Hitless and errorless receive switching provides the highest level of availability.  

Aprisa XE Brochure Eclipse™
Rural WiMax Backhaul Solution