E1/T1 Multiplexer

   The OMNIPlexer is a versatile and cost effective voice/data T1 multiplexer or E1 multiplexer designed to be highly reliable and easy to use. Many of the OMNIPlexer features have been tailored to optimize thin route and polling applications.

• Terminal, drop/insert and branching configurations in a single unit
• Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint circuits
• High efficiency sub-rate data transmission, drop/insert individual sub-rate channels
• Unique ability to support virtually all types of telephone exchange signaling protocols
• Long reach capability of the FXS/FXO modules means the telephone can be located several kilometers away from the multiplexer.



• Strict adherence to published industry standards
• Channel bank terminal, drop/insert multiplexer and branching configurations.
• Balanced and unbalanced interfaces for connection to microwave radio and fibre-optic systems
• Interface to copper pairs, using High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) interface enabling E1 transmission over distances to 5 km.
• Fibre optic interface, using an integrated E1 or T1 fibre optic modem for transmission up to 25 km.



• 4-wire and 2-wire E&M for voice trunking
• 2-wire loop/ground start (FXO/FXS) supporting subscriber lines and telephone extensions
• Conferenced Omnibus voice for party-line and orderwire channels, featuring integrated DTMF decoding that provides selective call functions
• Low speed data (0-64 Kbps) with built-in sub-rate multiplexing and sub-rate drop/insert for efficient and flexible data transmission
• High speed data (Nx56/64Kbps) for super-rate data transmission, including all intermediate rates
• Point-to-multipoint data for polling and data distribution applications
• 10BaseT ethernet bridge, LAN extensions




  This device terminates G.703 lines and provides serial and 10Base-T interface conversion


• Terminates E1 services
• Available in low-cost standalone or rack-mountable (2707RC) versions
• 2 Mbps data and line rate
• X.21, V.35, and Ethernet bridge options
• Switch-selectable AMI or HDB3 line encoding options
• Switch-selectable DTE/DCE modes for X.21 version
• 75-ohm dual coax and 120-ohm twisted-pair G.703 connections
• Local loopback diagnostics
• Internal, external and G.703 network timing
• CE approved
• 120/230 VAC & 48 VDC power options
• Conforms to ONP requirements CTR 12 for connection to international telecom networks
• 1.6 km distance




  Today's customers require low-cost network solutions that deliver high speed connections to the Internet and Corporate Intranets while supporting videoconferencing and many other wide-area services. The NetLink Model 2707 E1 NTUs satisfies those needs.

  The NTUs terminate G.703 and connect to the customer's router, FRAD, CODEC, and switches with a V.35, X.21, or 10Base-T Ethernet interface.




   Our Ethernet version, the Model 2707/I offers 10Base-T bridging and supports PPP and 802.1q VLAN tagging, passing VLAN-tagged packets of up to 1522 bytes.

  These features enable customers to extend a router's serial interface and connect to a remote 10Base-T Ethernet LAN (see diagram below). The 2707/I uses MAC learning and forwarding to provide seamless LAN-to-LAN connectivity.


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