Reliable coverage is paramount in a professional communications network.Better network coverage brings better public services. Providing network coverage everywhere, all the time, for the small numbers of         officers that are typically using a TETRA network is certainly a tall order.

But this is just what the Cassidian TB3 TETRA base station was designed to achieve. The TB3 can improve quality of service, provide more coverage, or achieve a combination of the two.
The TB3 can be used in a variety of network topologies to implement the best network availability and security. As well as coverage, the TB3 also helps deal with that other major headache – operating costs. For example, remote operation and maintenance greatly reduces these costs and is an important area pioneered by Cassidian TETRA System.

  •    Frequency bands
    - Rx: 350 -356MHz and Tx:
    360 – 366MHz
    - Rx: 380 – 390MHz and Tx:
    390 – 400MHz
    - Rx: 410 – 420MHz and Tx:
    420 – 430MHz
    - Rx: 450 – 460MHz and Tx:
    460 – 470MHz
    - Rx: 806 - 824MHz and Tx:
    851 – 869 MHz
  • Max. TBS power at top of cabinet - 25W,- 40W (with combiner by-passconfiguration and duplexer)
  • Max power at TTRX output: 65W
  • Guaranteed dynamic sensitivity at top of cabinet: < –112dBm (TCH 7.2,BER 4%, TU50) without diversity
  • Sectorized reception: Three sector topology improves receiver C/I by 5dB compared to omnidirectional solution
  • Duplex spacing:10MHz (45MHz @ 800MHz band)
  • Combiner options: Auto-tuned cavity.Manually tuned cavity. Wideband hybrid combiner with duplexers. Combiner by-pass with duplexer.
  • TBS transmit mode: Downlink continuous (D-CT) (as specifi ed in the TETRA standard). Only carriers that are needed to carry the traffi c are keyed.
                                                                                Additional base station features
  • Superior and versatile coverage solutions
  • Intelligent Radio Resource Management
  • Enhanced fallback
  • Dynamic air encryption with two simultaneous encryption algorithms
  • Dynamic channel allocation between voice or packet data
  • Additional signaling channel for Automatic Vehicle Location use

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