Call Recording for IP-PBXs

   The SmartWORKS IPX is an essential component of your call recording solution that provides packet filtering and media forwarding for IP-PBXs. Supporting multiple protocols, it has 2 on-board connections for monitoring up to 120 stations of upstream and downstream RTP and one on-board connection for media output. The IPX provides complete event triggering, and call state reporting for many of the industry leading IP-PBXs. Full media capabilities are available when the IPX is combined with the IPM 260 or a soft recorder for low density applications.




Multiple PBX Support
 The same hardware can be used to interface with majority of the industry leading IP-PBXs.

Multiple Protocol Support
 The same hardware supports SIP, H.323 and Skinny (SCCP) and is designed to accommodate future protocols with just a software upgrade.

Mirror Port Independent
 May be placed anywhere in the system to accommodate specific application requirements.

Flexible Event Triggering
 Applications can start and stop recording based on AudioCodes call control or take advantage of PBX/protocol specific messages.

RTP Forwarding
 A single IPX can forward media (RTP) to multiple network devices such as an IPM260 or the soft recorder.



  The IPX is designed for IP call recording applications. It’s active interfaces can be connected directly to an available mirror port or, when used in conjunction with a TX100, can be connected passively anywhere within the IP-PBX configuration. Up to 128 media sessions per board can be monitored at a time.




   The IPX software includes a Session Manager for tracking media sessions on the IP network. Each media session is treated as a unique call with a unique Session ID. Your application can easily manage media forwarding with the Session IDs provided by the IPX.




   Automatically locates all VoIP endpoints on the network and assigns each a unique Station ID. IPX software dynamically identifies phones as they are added to the network and reports when they are removed.



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