Next Generation Analog Passive/Active Card

   Designed for analog networks, the SmartWORKS™ LD has both passive and terminate network interface capabilities. Featuring programmable voltage thresholds and loop reversal detection, the SmartWORKS™ LD is easily configured to accommodate variations across analog networks. This series offers This product is offered in 4, 8, 16 and 24 port versions, suitable for small to large offices and call centers.




4-24 Port Telephony Cards
 Offers low to high density boards that are ideal for any analog environment.

On Demand Voltage Detection
 Voltage values are reported with standard SmartWORKS™ API events to simplify application development.

Programmable Voltage Thresholds
 Control voltage detection event reporting with ease by adjusting the board to the local analog environment.

Detects Polarity Reversal
 Adapts to environments where Tip and Ring are reversed.

Minimum 18k Ohm Impedance
 High impedance receivers record both sides of a call without interrupting service.

CODEC Support
 SmartWORKS™ offers a large selection of voice CODECS (including G.723.1, G.729A and MS GSM)



  The LD series accomodates low to high density environments with 4, 8, 16, or 24 port boards. The SmartWORKS™ API supports a total of 512 channels per system. The tapping point can be anywhere on an analog line: between Central Office and PBX, Central Office and phones, or PBX and phones.




  The LD series can be used to initiate as well as terminate calls. When configured as an interactive resource, phone lines can directly connect to and terminate on the LD boards. Standard ring detection is available.




  The SmartWORKS™ LD supports passive call recording on ground start and loop start analog networks. It has line terminating capabilities for loop start environments. Features such as programmable voltage thresholds, voltage detection, and polarity reversal are managed through the common SmartWORKS™ API. As a result, the SmartWORKS™ LD easily adapts to variations found on analog systems throughout the world.




  Built in voltage detection allows SmartWORKS™ LD to distinguish a disruption of service if a cable is damaged or disconnected. This feature is unique in the industry and only available on the LD series.



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