Single Card Solution to Passively
Record Proprietary PBX Extensions

The SmartWORKS™ NGX is an all-in-one resource for logging behind a PBX. Every key pressed, call taken, and telephone action performed by an agent is automatically decoded and sent to the recording application. A powerful set of features, combined with PBX integration, makes the NGX a true single slot solution for call logging application providers. 



Multiple PBX support
 A single board interfaces with a majority of PBX manufacturers and BRI PBX Vendors on Single Hardware Platform

Firmware Upgraded
 A simple firmware upgrade allows the NGX to adapt to different PBX environments.

Wide Spectrum of Trigger Events
 Initiate and terminate recordings based on voice activity, raw D-channel, or Call Progress Monitoring (CPM) events.

 Monitors up to 24 channels in real-time with on-board audio jack resources.

CODEC Support
 SmartWORKS™ offers a large selection of voice CODECS.(including G.723.1, G.729A and MS GSM)


   The NGX is designed for tapping behind a proprietary PBX. Residing between the PBX and agent phones, the SmartWORKS™ NGX’s high impedance receivers record both sides of a call without interrupting service. The NGX is available in 8,16,and 24 port configurations. The SmartWORKS™ API supports a total of 512 channels per system. As a result, the SmartWORKS™ NGX is ideal for low to high-density environments.  


   Designed with international deployment in mind, the SmartWORKS™ NGX taps 2-wire, 4-wire, BRI and full duplex PBX’s. The list of PBXs the NGX supports is constantly growing. Contact your Ai-Logix sales representative for more information.  


   The SmartWORKS™ API provides framer alarms and network statistics to pass easily into performance monitoring applications. Event driven framer alarms are generated with a loss of signal condition. Network statistics are available for both sides of the conversation, incoming and outgoing. Statistics such as synchronization errors, line amplitude, noise or clipping are available via a simple API function call. 

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